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A lack of self-esteem and an abundance of self-doubt can hold even the best of us back. We focus on building self-esteem, establishing well-being, and boosting confidence levels.We know how to help you break the cycle of low self-esteem and can help you become more resilient and proactive. Lola Owolabi's coaching services are designed to help people, learn to embrace our uniqueness, gain vital career and entrepreneurship insights, gain positive self-esteem and wellbeing.


Do you have a message that your target audience needs to hear? Lola Owolabi is a skilled professional speaker who can connect with you or your target audience at a deep level. She is known far and wide as an approachable coach who speaks your emotional language in an authentic, motivational, and inspirational way.

Let Lola inspire you and help you spur your audience into action by an experienced speaker who can communicate with nearly any audience on many different levels and he speaks from the lived experience of many of the issues your audience faces.


Lola Owolabi is a pastor, motivational coach, and mentor that has had a positive influence in the lives of people she has been opportune to mentor. She has been called to motivate people to believe in themselves, their talents and to pursue their dreams. She specializes in grooming people to Become more confident, learn to value themselves and their skills.  She also encourages people to Develop resilience stop procrastinating and take action.        


Lola uses her blogs and podcasts to discuss various topics which cover aspects of people's personal, career, or business life, and she uses the medium to show people what might be holding them back in life. She uses her blog to pass various inspirational and motivational messages that can help people a  kick-start their personal development and develop problem-solving skills


Lola is a renowned teacher, and she uses her various platforms to teach people to showcase their talents and stop hiding!

She teaches people how to navigate difficult tasks easily and helps them focus more.

Let us teach you how to concentrate on your goals, gain true determination, and really ‘stick things out.

Lola helps people become more motivated, driven, and focused on achieving their life goals.

She helps increase your self-confidence and helps you become bolder and fight the debilitating effects of low self-esteem.


Lola assists Emerging African designers with business planning and coaching. She helps businesses network, and she is firmly involved with many female-led initiatives including the Pink Shoe Club, Economic Blueprint and GWIIN, the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network.

One of her particular passions is helping emerging African designers plan their personal and professional development. She understands the struggles that emerging creatives and fashion start-ups face, and she can assist on avenues to access the resources to change things. She can help you gain access to the international fashion community as well as the marketing and publicity your brand needs to thrive.

Would you like to see your brand showcased at NYFW (New York Fashion Week) and London Fashion Week? If yes Then let Lola work with you to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop self-confidence and faith in your brand

  • Get the mentoring and coaching you need to produce a winning international showcase

  • Gain access to a diverse international audience, shows, and events

  • Network with international buyers, influencers, press and media professionals

  • Experience and participate in peer mentoring.


Are you dissatisfied with your choices and want to improve your life?

Lola inspires people with her books and assists them to appreciate themselves, people will no longer take you for granted. Perhaps you need a “life makeover” to pull you out of the shadows.

You can develop the confidence and self-esteem you need to achieve your goals and push your life in the right direction. Lola uses her book to teach people to learn what confidence looks like, while accepting your unique individuality, recognize and embrace your talent and grow in resilience


Lola is very passionate about helping young students gain positive self-esteem and personal development skills.

Lola lectures on entrepreneurship and she inspires students to follow their ideas, dreams and passions. She focuses on helping students have a goal and working towards achieving those goals. She looks to encourage students to be innovative and develop their dreams into businesses and contribute to the development of their society.

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