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About  Me

Lola Owolabi is passionate about women reaching their full potential, she recognises the unique gift of strength ,creativity and innovation, given to women, which enables them to multitask and be all things in different scenarios. In line with this, Lola is the founder and Director of (Ebony Business Network) , which encourages and advises fledging women entrepreneurs, she also runs “Proud To Be Me”, a community project, which through a range of different activities, boosts the self-esteem of young female teenagers, so that they are less likely to make decisions, which could have an adverse effect on their immediate and future. Lola Is the Personal Development Director for GWIIN (Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network), she has also been on the board of Trustees of Wandsworth Women's Aid. (A charity advocating for victims of domestic violence). 

Lola is a seasoned Entrepreneur having bought and sold items ranging from slimming teas to homemade skin care, she currently owns Eloquence Boutique in Central London. Lola serves as a magistrate on the East Berkshire bench and has also been appointed to the Family Panel, she also serves as a school governor.


Lola specialises in motivational speaking and also trains on confidence. she specialises in helping those in the corporate world who want to get out of the 9-5 working system and start their own enterprise.


Reflecting her inner creativity, Lola has written 3 books, and is currently writing songs for her 3rd studio album. A gifted inspirational /motivational speaker, Lola has inspired women and coached and mentored people from all walks of life from the USA to Africa, bringing her unique message, If She Can, So Can You?

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