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Workshops & Coaching

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Proud to be Me 


As well as being a motivational speaker, I have been able to utilise my skills in that department, to help train young ladies into becoming confident women as they go through a challenging transition in their lives. 

Proud to be me was Established in 2008, and empowers young women ages 13-18 to Aspire , achieve and acquire. The Strategy is through the engagement of workshops, coaching , mentoring , training ) Self esteem, Goal mapping, Dressing for success Nutrition, It's cool to say no ( sex and relationships ), The road to entrepreunship  ( creativity sessions ), Dining etiquette, Consequences of negative behaviour and, character building and make up sessions.






Women of Destiny


The Women of Destiny was established in 2002. It is a faith based women's organisation, which acknowledges a higher being affiliated to the The Everlasting Arms Ministry. Women of Destiny aims to encourage women of all ages in their faith to live their best life, be their brothers keepers and come together in prayer and fellowship. The organisation also encourages spiritual enlightenment of the Christian faith.

Ebony Business Network


Ebony business workshop was established in 2004. The Target audience is the women who consider them selves as a minority, especially empowering them to start businesses  or strategise promotion in their careers.


Workshops, seminars and conferences are the main objectives for the minority woman to be empowered and to aim for multiple income streams ( minimum 4 ) 


The Organisation Empowers and encourages women to fulfil their potential, to convert their passion to profits, and to strive for a life that is not mediocre and average.


Network faciltation is key plus showcasing gifts and talents 




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